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Book Review: 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Interesting and motivational book. Covers some basics of elimination to stop wasting time and basics of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately beside caching title there is not much you can use or could not find elsewhere.

First I enjoyed the book and it was really good to refresh some rules of elimination. For example, I have closed my gmail tab in Chrome and moved to the desktop mail app with the checks set to every hour. It may not be the best solution, but it's a lot better.

Pareto rule (80/20) is one of those I feel inspired by and don't know how to really use.  It is great in theory, but it's much harder to put into practice.

Chapters about automation are basically about hiring Virtual Assistant from India and how that person is going to help you. Maybe VA helps him but I don't see how can I use that...

Management. It was good to read about selling the product instead of services. Nothing new, but a good reminder and something that might be a good idea.

Remote. I liked…

Book Review: OpenGL SuperBible (5th edition)

I was reading this book in polish, but I think that most of my review is language agnostic as I did not have any problems with the translation.

The book has many authors and you can feel it while reading. Some of the chapters could be more interesting, especially the ones that are really abstract and I am still not sure if I have any idea how buffers work.

I am really glad that I participated in 3D Rendering with Three.js course. It really helped at the beginning of the book where I felt that many nonobvious concepts were not explained thoroughly.

I have to admit that I have watched a really nice video about WebGL while reading this book, and what struck me was how much similarities are between those (I mean while one is in JavaScript other in C++). All you will learn about OpenGL will be useful in WebGL, at least at some point so I am happy that I took the time to read it.

Because of the OpenGL SuperBible I managed to understand most of the talk and it gave me additional motivation …

Book Review: Good to Great by James C. Collins

If you want to know how some ordinary companies transformed themselves to great (and big) then this is the book for you.

There are seven main ideas in the book, but not all of them were of interest to me. The four that were:

Level 5 LeadershipFirst Who, Then WhatThe Stockdale ParadoxHedgehog Concept
Level 5 Leadership CEO has to be humble but care deeply about the company. He has to find great people and trust them to do a great job. Charismatic CEO can't help the company, at least, in the long run. He may even leave it more fragile because he will take all the spotlight, fire managers that are too ambitious and is likely to rule with the iron fist. This will work for a short time but when he leaves there is no one to give orders and the company collapses. On the other hand, humble CEO uses best managers he can find, and tries to be as much dispensable as possible.

First Who, Then What While hiring you can't make compromises. Every person you hire has to be great for the positio…