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Design for Developers

For me it is impressive and really informative to read about design. This presentation really is easy and helpful to me. Clear and easy rules how to design, how to use white space and how much of it.

Really recommend!

Design for developers
View more presentations from Johan Ronsse

jQuery Deconstructed

This really helps with viewing sources of library.
Source is commented and showed in blocks. Really impressive.

Linux Mint 12

Yesterday I installed new Linux Mint with Gnome 3 user interface and Mint extensions.
For now it really feels like Gnome 2 UI. There are differences of course, but they really make Gnome Shell more friendly!

I have some problems, one of them is still not fixed, I even don't know how to search for a fix.

After creation of USB drive i have error after boot:
"vesamenu.c32: not a COM32R image"

1: hit TAB button
2: type "Live" in console

Then I find impossible to install Chrome in Linux Mint 12:

1: Install Chromium
2: Install Chrome

It looks like new Mint doesn't have something important that Chrome needs, fortunately Chromium installs it, and this is enough for me to now that now it just works :)

Last problem is probably caused by video drivers. I use two monitors, on Laptop and second attached to VGA port.
This is strange but after blocking screen I have problem with the screen in Laptop. It fills with gray noise and is unusable :/

It happened only two times, …

WebGL Playground & e-commerce

Lately I think more and more about WebGL. It looks like this technology gained enough momentum to really make change in how web works!

First I recommend read about WebGL i e-commerce.!/blog/trends/webgl_and_e-commerce/

This post in my opinion is true. Additionally I start to think what if shop website really is made in WebGL and looks exactly the same as "real" shop, where I could "walk" and get familiar with the shop...
Something like augment reality but in browser and on shop website. If someone write that site, this really could change rules on how websites are made today.

So if you want to try WebGL there is nice website jsfiddle-like for WebGL that you can use to play with WebGL and get more familiar with it.

There are paypal donations so feel free to help the authors (I don't know them :).

Cryptography in JavaScript

New library from Stanford promises to be a fast and secure library for cryptography in JavaScript.

SJCL is easy to use: simply run
sjcl.encrypt("password", "data") to encrypt data, or sjcl.decrypt("password", "encrypted-data") to decrypt it.

How To Learn Programming

This is just only way to become programmer!

Just pick one book and learn!

Writing forward-compatible websites

Really recommended read for every Web Developer.

DTrace in Node.js

Presentation from Joyent. Explains debugging, and how it is done i Node.js


WebP has many new features. Now it is more like gif and png.
Some new features:

animationstransparencylossless mode

Read more at Google blog:

About WebP:

JS Performance

How DRY impacts JavaScript performance // Faster JavaScript execution for the lazy developer presentation by: Mathias Bynens

In my opinion most important is to write maintainable code and optimize only what needs to be optimized.

W3Conf Presentations

Videos from first day:

Book Review: HTML5 Games Development by Example

HTML5 Games Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide by Makzan is as title suggest is intended for beginners. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it is true. Content is really good and I liked it, but there are many, many errors in code in listings, so I think that I had problem with almost every example. Don't get me wrong, this was mostly simple errors, and source code that I downloaded from PacktPub website was working but bad taste still exists. The worst one was first, I search for my own typo and finally find that variables has two names. It looks like in book is a mix of code from before and after refactoring. Bugs was easy and all looks similar, they was just annoying.

Tips for other readers: Download source codeKeep in mind that code in book has bugsKeep internet connection on (some images and WebFonts to download)Links to book:
Book: Table of contents:…

Mercury - HTML5 Content Editor

"Mercury is a full featured HTML5 editor. It was built from the ground up to help your team get the most out of content editing in modern browsers."

Editor that was designed to help with HTML5.

Easy WebGL with Three.js

Very good presentation that can be used as tutorial to know basics of Three.js.
For me new is that there is Collada format importer!

Presentation is short and easy. Recommend.

Dark Patterns

Very good site that explains how You can trick Your's user and how to avoid it. There are also examples how good patters can help.
General rule is to be honest with Your users. Do not try to trick them to send them more emails, or to bill them without noticing them after trial period.
Probably most of it can gave You more money in short term, but after that You will end up miserable.

Dark patterns - An Overview for Brand Owners
View another webinar from Harry Brignull

SONAR WebGL Presentation

WebGL can be used for creating games, and there is great presentation about it:

Really impressive.

Videos from

SVG Site Design


Is a tutorial about creating site with SVG help.

Original site:

SVG relly can be used to create awesome looking sites without hundred of divs :)

This is not for all sites of course, but this can be used to create additional features or promotional elements on site.