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Mobile HTML5 by Estelle Weyl

Mobile HTML5 by Estelle Weyl Book "Mobile HTML5" is really good. I have heard about it last year at Front-Trends conference and I'm glad because of this. It's really good for beginners and intermediate developers.  Estelle Weyl reminded me that mobile HTML5 is 95% just HTML5. You can treat this book as a reference of various mobile quirks especially if you need to support something else than only newest Safari on iPhone. 
If you are interested in HTML5 but mostly how to use it in mobile browsers this book is for you. It covers every aspect of mobile web development so you can read about CSS3, JavaScript and even some basics of DevTools. 
Rating: 8/10

faster command line keyboard settings

Recently one of my colleagues asked how some presenters can have really fast keyboard - especially when going left or right in terminal using arrows.

It was serendipity for me :) The only thing that you need to adjust (or maybe I need to get used to) is delay. It doesn't make that much difference but it's still good to have it slightly lower than default.

Btw. Best thing about it is that there are similar setting screens in all Operating Systems these days so just go to Keyboard Settings and make "Speed" faster :)

Review: How to Get People to Do Stuff by Susan Weinschenk

How to Get People to Do Stuff: Master the art and science of persuasion and motivation by Susan Weinschenk

Short and concise book about motivation. If you haven't read much about motivation and psychology then, it's really good. Unfortunately for me it was more like review.

I got two ideas from this book that I have already forgotten.

Use nouns if you are trying to influence someone. For example: "Are you a voter?" instead of "Are you going to vote?".Make people (or yourself) ask questions starting with "Will I...". It's proven that it makes a big difference in how many people do this thing later! "Will I read one book a week?" instead of "I will read one book a week."
Book is really short and practical. Last chapter is all about real questions and how to influence for example your mother to exercise. Practical and easy to follow. Recommended.

Rating: 8/10