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Subversion 1.7 Release

Today Subversion 1.7 has been published!

There are new features that are really interesting. Especially new Working copy format. If You know git You will be happy with only one .svn folder that new Subversion uses!

There are some speed improvements, partly thanks to HTTPv2 protocol.

For git fans there is even --git switch for svn diff command :)

svn diff --git

New Subversion should be also better with merges.

For full description see release notes:

New version can be downloaded from Apache Subversion site:

Play My Code - HTML5 Games Platform

PlayMyCode is new site that support creating and publishing HTML5 Games.

There is online Editor and of course games that You can play :)


I Will Not Learn Dart

I don't want to learn Dart, at least for now. I hope to explain in this post how I think, so begin.
Dart want to be next big language of the Web, but this really doesn't matter. JavaScript will be with us for years from now, and other Browser vendors do not implement it, at least if Google do not pay them to.
It will have at best all Chrome users, and this probably be about 20-30% even in a couple of years, so only a couple of developers will really use it for real. Just now how GWT now is used.  GWT and Dart will be used only by people that use Java, but they not WebDevelopers most of the time. Most of WebDevelopers write JavaScript, not Java or even PHP. 
What are benefits of Dart rally? classes And that's pretty all of it. 
Really, there is nothing really impressive in this new language. This is mix of some other OOP languages. Nothing new. I can tell that this is boring. 
Even getters na setters are available in JavaScript, just nobody use them because they are slower.…

i18n in JavaScript


R.js is a simple i18n framework for Javascript, using CommonJS. R.js should work in both browsers, and on Node.js, providing internationalisation capabilities to both.
R.js is tiny, at less than 900 bytes minified and gzipped (<2kb minified). R.js has no dependencies, but can be used easily with any other libraries you wish. R.js binds itself to window.R, or global.R on the server side.
Soon, R.js will be able to convert from XLIFF format, into R.js files, which can be easily compacted with R.js to provide one single small file for all your i18n needs.

Easy Unit Testing

Recently I read article about Unit Tests:

This is more about how to deal with application that already exists, and works. I totally agree with author, there is no point in sitting for three months only to add them! But adding them while working is much smarter!

I agree that TDD is great, but this is good if You know what You want to build. I used to build prototype to get  idea how it can work and after that refactor it, and add features until it is good.