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Cross Browser Extensions

Project thanks to which creating cross browser extensions can be much easier :)

Thanks to it I've found new project in Mozilla:
With builder extension are similar to Chrome extensions. At least! :-)

There is also another project that tries to do the same thing in different way:
Kango is commercial but is free for open-source and non-commercial projects.

Learn VIM while playing game

There is new Game that will help you learn VIM editor :)

Link to game:

I've found it on:


Interesting project for shim all HTML5 features for old browsers!

This could be for shims like jQuery for JS libraries :) But this is really hard to have both speed and support and in some cases it is just better to prompt user for better browser than trying to display things that will probably slow website to point it can't be used.

This really interests me how long it will take to start and shim especially in old browsers when there is much more to shim.

CSS compatibility in IE

All you want to know about CSS support in IE (from 5.5 to 9).

This is official Microsoft document.

Tape Lines in Chrome

I've found new Chrome extension for lines that helps to visually align elements on website.

Node.js Uncanny Lessons

Interesting presentation about Node.js in practice:

Online REPL

Image is application that can be used as repl for many languages, especially when you don't have one for that language installed in OS.
Left panel can be used to run multiline code - this is big advantage over standard repl, in that situation usually you need to create file for it or write it in repl that can be tricky.


Kickstrap is a project that aim to be more powerful version of Twitter Bootsrap. Something like Bootstrap++ :)

From start it has themes, many JS libraries, h5bp build script...

Kickstrap is not yet stable so beware until 1.0! vs. Microformats

Pretty good FAQ about this standards: Short answer: has support of search engines so It has more chances to be de facto standard.