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HabitRPG - Game your life

Some time ago I have read interesting article about becoming superhero that suggested to treat your own life like character in RPG game, or superhero (it similar idea for me). I really like RPG games so this ideas was really inspiring, unfortunately I found it hard to follow and remember about it on an everyday basis. Solution for that can be really nice website called HabitRPG

HabitRPG Promo & Team from Tyler Renelle on Vimeo.

Project is still growing but the most important thing is working from some time now, I mean Daily Quests!

I would suggest to pick this one as the most important tab and create your daily quests really simple and easy to do and then add additional one to habit when you do more of it. For me it really works. I based this on Kaizen and it tricks me into doing bigger things just by forcing me to start it. Bigger tasks are overwhelming before you start doing them so adding daily that forces you to do it for only for example 5 minutes is easy to approach a…

Animate in JavaScript or CSS?

There is really good article trending right now about animations by the author of GreenSock Animation Platform Jack Doyle about tradeoffs of both JavaScript and CSS animations.

Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. JavaScript

The really good thing about it is that you can read really good explanations about how animations work, what problems you might have and when it might be better idea to use CSS and when JavaScript. It is really impressive how much information this article contains.

PL: Learn HTML5 Canvas Game Development

Recently I found really awesome course (in Polish) to learn Canvas and basics of Game Development even for novices.

Course is in polish but is really long and covers Canvas and even JavaScript from the basics, some of them was really really well explained and I finally understood them :)

Author Daniel Mizieliński put much effort into this. Whole course takes nearly 16 hours divided into 71 videos.

Little hint: on youtube you can change speed of video 1.5 is still easy to understand and follow especially if you know JavaScript and you can always switch to 1.0 speed on new things :)

December Update

This month I managed to finish:

Watched all How To Draw videos on HowCast
What was good in these series is to see how eraser can be used to draw :)
Rating: 5/10

The Tree Butcher by Andrzej Pilipiuk This is really nice collection of 12 short stories. Andrzej Pilipiuk have endless ideas how history could have been, how aliens may live and even how magic may work. This is really good book:)
Rating: 8/10

Tricket by Kevin Hearne
In my opinion this is best book in a series so far. For sure it is the longest :) Fast and easy to read, it's hard to resist reading when you start so it's really good to read on holiday :)
Rating: 8/10

Trapped by Kevin Hearne
This one fortunately starts at the good time, but I think a little that this book could be better. Ending was unexpected but probably explains why next book is called Hunted ;)
From me: 6/10.

The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister. Autor: George R. R. Martin.
This one is not really a book in itself, it's just a series of quotes from hi…