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Pure, functional JavaScript

Impressive presentation by Christian Johansen about functional programming in JavaScript and ES5.

Low-Level JavaScript: *JS

Interested in writing Low-level JavaScript with malloc, pointeres and all C-like features?

Look at: - Page is an experiment and living example of how it could look like.

Mentioned on *JS page Heap.coffe with similar approach:

Learning CSS Selectors

Interactively learn CSS Selectors (with CSS3 selectors).


Pageflip experiment with site that works like book. Best thing is that flips are fast :)

My Stylesheets are a Mess!

Awesome presentation about CSS and how to make it elegant. This is hard work and single tool such as SASS can't help you alone.

CSS Arrow Please!

Image is a simple, but useful tool for generating arrow in CSS. Easy to change properties of arrow and just copy generated CSS.

Tributary - live and responsive visual coding

As in the blog post:

Tributary is a web interface for live and responsive visual coding. It includes a code editor and provides some popular javascript libraries for visual programming. The core concept of tributary comes from the inspirational Bret Victor video and the implementation is derived from Gabriel Florit’s water project.See video for yourself:

Project is new but worth a try :)

To start playing with it just visit one of examples eg. click on value in source code and see how canvas is changing :)

Github repo:

New GIT Homepage

There is new GIT homepage! Looks better and is much more useful, also for new users.

For new users jest go to:

Look also at new GIT logo by Jason Long:

Image from:

How to design a good API

Joshua Bloch presentation about designing API and why this is important.

I've read only slides but I think that most of talk content is in them, but if you have time try to watch video (or listen to it) and read slides at the same time.

This isn't only about API but much more than that, API is just the beginning.

+ video: