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Book Review: Made to Stick by Heath Brothers

Friend recommended me this book and it turn out to be great decision to finally read it.

"Made to Stick" really changed the way how I think about convincing anyone. How I think about presentations and things I read.

It may be impossible for me to remember precisely everything but one most important thing that I learned is the power of stories. Turns out hearing a story is single best thing just after having your own experience. It's even proven that stories activate the same brain areas as if you actually do the thing you hear about. That's big. That alone is biggest reason to use stories instead of arguments and data.

Rating: 10/10

Safari Mobile CSS VW and VH units bug.

Recently we have created new version of but soon after serving it to some users we spot this tweet: Basically titles were missing....

Then it started our effort to reproduce this bug.


It was nightmare!

First how to reproduce it:

Open in Mobile Safari. Click "Go to another page" linkLeave phone for 60 seconds (longer is better)Click back buttonIf you were lucky you should see some missing paragraphs and missing green boxes.

How it looks:

This one uses vw and vh for font-size. Both are 0 so we can see only 2 from 8 paragraphs. Those two are using only em for font-size.

I was curious if it's only for font-size so I have added another test. I have added two boxes with width and height set in vw and vh with green background color. They parents have red background for contrast. 

Most of the time it works fine but from time to time (the same steps to …

Toy Wars by Andrzej Ziemiański

"Toy Wars" composed of three shorter stories. All of them are about Toy Iceberg, private detective that works for mercenary. Book is a bit sci-fi and detective book. For me it was short and intense reading. "Toy Wars" is really addictive. It took me 3 days to read it, and of course sacrifice everything else for those days.

If you like "Achaja", mercenary and sci-fi think about "Toy Wars" next time you will be in a book store.

Rating: 7/10

Best Articles form 2300 Pocket List

At the end of last year I realized that there is no way I can read all those articles I have "saved for later". At that time I have about 2300 articles, some of them were really old, some about 'news' that weren't new anymore. Most form twitter but mailings like JavaScript Weekly, Web Design Weekly have a huge list too. Hardest category was WebGL, so many new ideas, math, matrix, lightning...

"News" I can remember why I put most of those articles there, I really wanted to read them. The thing is hundreds of them were outdated. It was at least 1000 articles that were 'news'. Things like some early info about iOS5 or GoogleGlass. This kind of articles is fun to read but they have minor value. I have realized that removing them. There is really not much you can get from those but it's hard to realize that when they are new.
Some time ago I've stumbled upon idea to put all things you want to read into a queue and read them after a couple of…

The White Rose by Glen Cook

Third part of "The Black Company" series. See my reviews of "The Black Company" - first book, and "Shadows Linger".

It is best book of the series so far in my opinion. Third part was catchy and I had really hard time to read something technical recently because of it.

I suspect that my mood may influence my reviews but I really like this one. If you're not sure after second part then rest assured that this one will be better.

Rating: 9/10

The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett

Third part of the "Demon Cycle". See review of second part "The Desert Spear".

I was into the story after the second book so second and thirds are hard for me to distinguish unfortunately. This has additional consequence of remembering exactly what happened in second book.
In second book it was great to see the story from the beginning as I needed to learn about world again. I would like third book more if I would make bigger gap before third as well.
Additionally to main story we get to know background of other people. I feel that it was shorter than in second book but it was too much for me. Don't get me wrong, it was still fun to read but I found myself looking at it as obstacle to knowing main story more often.

Book is really good and of course all of you who liked previous parts are going to read it so I'm not saying anything more.

Rating: 7/10

The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett

Second part of the "Demon Cycle". I liked "Painted Man" but this book was better in my opinion. Now that I think about it "Painted Man" deserves at least 7/10. Maybe my  rating rules are different now.

"The Desert Spear" goes back in time and we get to know the story from different perspective. I really liked it, especially seeing different culture with it's own rules.
Of course it was known how it will end but it was fun to read.

Rating: 8/10