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Book Review: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja John Resig and Bear Bibeault

I bought this one a year ago, but there was always something easier to read so I procrastinated. This year I had a problem with getting internet connection in Spain so it was convenient to read something on paper.

Book is directed to advanced JavaScript programmers and it is going to be hard for junior programmers. Some parts were hard for me as well and last three chapters (Master Training) was just  complicated code samples with an only high-level overview.

The best part of the book are chapters 9-12 (Ninja Training). I would expect most of the book to be at this level and with this kind of elaboration. The rest of the book was too easy or too complicated.

I have expected more from the book. Differences between old IE browsers and W3C compatible ones fill most of the chapters. Authors argue many times it is more important how to do things than what actual examples, but I would prefer something more interesting.

It's a good read, but you have to know a lot about JavaScript to un…

Book Review: Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind

Sixth book from the Sword of Truth book series Faith of the Fallen was better than most of the previous ones. Maybe best so far.

There is more action than retrospection and it makes the book gripping. Even the plot itself was much better. Of course, there were coincidences but at least they were more probable than in the previous one.

If you are a fan of war and military literature then this book covers a lot of the war with The Imperial Order.

Rating: 7/10

Book Review: Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind

Fifth book of the series. Most of the time it was better than previous book. The bad part was coincidences around 80% of the book.  They were annoying to the point I was considering dropping the series. I was reading through it when I was too tired to do anything else. After it the end was pretty good and left me pretty optimistic about the next book.

All in all, it's a good read.

Rating: 5/10

Book Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

First couple of chapters were interesting and I learned a little about assets and liabilities. Till the end of the book is was more and more general and at the end was all about encouraging people to buy his game and his books.
The ratio of useful information and promotion in the book is far too low for me.I will continue learning elsewhere, but it's because I hardly learned anything from the book.

I can recommend it if you're afraid of finances. If you are already doing anything like investing it won't help you.

Rating: 4/10

Book Review: Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind

It is much better book from the Blood of the Fold I have reviewed recently.

I was still annoyed because of repetitions. The plot was much better I got used to skipping boring paragraphs.

I have noticed that the most interesting part of the book is around 80%. Most things happen then I this time I wasn't sure how it's going to end.

If  previous book disappointed you I can assure you that this one is much better.

Rating: 5/10

Book Review: Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg

Book that I probably should have read much earlier.

The model of communication without judgement, but with observations, emotions, needs and request changed the way I think about communication in my everyday situations.

I am far from using it all the time but I think that it can really help. Best thing is that it was first time I have any idea how to constructively talk about bad emotions like frustration or anger.

I have a plan to read this one in Polish as well and maybe red one of additional books about this method in a couple of months as a rehearsal.

Rating: 9/10

Status of Entrepreneur

After reading 4-hour work week I think more about myth of Entrepreneur and Status of all those stories I have read in the book.

I don't have anything specific yet on my mind but I have a nice list of articles that I am thinking about right now.

Status Malfunction
Idea here is that we spend most of our time thinking about Status and comparing ourselves to others. Unfortunately we all do it all the time and there is no easy way out of it. I am not sure if I agree with Josh Kaufman about your own business being a good way out... I start to think that it's just the same thing but giving you status among other people.
How to use it? Ask yourself: If no one would appreciate it, would I still do it? Is it fun in itself?

Working for the man ain’t so bad.
For some reason I notice those kinds of articles a lot, maybe I am just afraid of starting my own business and looking for excuses but if you consider how many startups fail I think it's just more logical. For example it's not…

Book Review: Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind (#3 Sword of Truth)

This is book 3 from the Sword of Truth series.

I am personally fan of the books that do not try to be accessible to the reader in the middle of the series, unfortunately Sword of Truth tries to be like that.
Personally I found myself skipping through huge parts of the text because rehearsals of past events were so boring and common that the only other option would be to drop the book.

This probably makes the book accessible without reading the previous ones but who does that, and in my opinion the cost it too big.

Maybe because of that but it was the worst part so far, the only thing that made me read it through is probably Sunk Cost Fallacy and the parts where author focused on the action instead of explanations. Skipping of boring parts probably helped as well...

Good part of the series are wizard rules - they really remind me of psychology books and Cognitive Biases.

Book is accessible without reading previous ones but probably would make more sense to read them before nonetheless…