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April Update - Seven Languages in Seven Weeks (in 2 weeks)

From last month I managed to have finished almost everything (counting some changes in my plans).
Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce A. Tate Cover above. Really good book to get taste of different kinds of languages and paradigms. I have spend only 2 weeks on this book because I wanted to get more informed about them, not to learn them deeply. For me it was also chance to be less ignorant in terms of functional languages, especially Erlang, Clojure and Haskell. After reading it I will probably dig more deeply into Clojure/LISP or Haskell. These two looks really impressive and challenging. 

Maximize Your Memory Power by Nishant Kasibhatla Really good book full of examples. I really started using some of this techniques. Cheap and short. I can recommend it  :)
Make: Electronics. Learning Through Discovery By Charles Platt (3rd chapter) I have learnt how to solder and learnt that my previous attempts were cold solders(?) and were just weak. Right now I can create really strong ones :)