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New Domain

I will be moving this blog to a new domain and may lose some of the subscribers if you're using RSS for example.

I hope that the email list can help with the migration (modal + sidebar).

In the future, I also think about sending interesting articles and news about tech and books, but all the things that interest me :) Maybe that's something that you would find worth your effort to subscribe.

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My Game: Canon Defense

If you know about #js13kgames contest you might be interested in my small game created for it.

I called it Cannon Defense, but the sole purpose of creating it was to learn in practice how to create a game. You can say that it looks ugly, or is small, but for me it was great co create it.

My submission is not yet online so if you want, play it at:

Code is on github:

What I have learned:

User constructor and prototype inheritance for game objects.
function Bullet(x, y){ this.x = x; this.y = y; } Bullet.prototype.draw = function(ctx){ ctx.drawRect(x, y, 10, 10); } It will be more memory efficient.

Do not use translations to move objects
For me it was hard to manage bullets flying at various angles and the first idea was to translate all bullets to cannon position, then add some offset variable and just move bullet on one X or Y angle using offset.
It worked :)
Until I had to check for enemy/bullet collisions…

How to simulate slow connection (developer proxy in Node.js)

Update: If you use Chrome then you can use "Throttling" so simulate slow network for all your assets. This should be easier than proxy.

Toggle device modeChoose Network type.Refresh the page 


For some time I wanted to use some proxy for development and testing of eg. slow internet connection, but it was hard to find something useful and free. I know there is Charles but buy it to use it at most one in a month is not for me.

I started thinking about Node.js, maybe I can write proxy for me? But fortunately I found one.

With this module I can write really short code to create slow server:

var http = require('http'), httpProxy = require('http-proxy'); httpProxy.createServer(function (req, res, proxy) { var buffer = httpProxy.buffer(req); setTimeout(function () { proxy.proxyRequest(req, res, { host: 'localhost', port: 8080, …