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Upcoming JS Events in Poland

List of JS events in Krakow:

Meet.JS - 25 October:

Eclipse Orion Hackathon - 26-28 October:

Non JS:
SCKRK - Software Craftsmanship Kraków (Lean Coffee) -  24 October:

Node.js Weekend (Node Knockout) 9-12 November:

I hope something like this will be in Kraków, it sounds fun :) Anyone will be interested?


I want to prepare presentation about HTML5 Games for internal-training in

I blog less but I really use twitter all the time, if you want to read more fresh news go to
Recently I also started thinking about one blog post about all cool staff from the whole week, let me know if you have any ideas or if you like this One post a week idea.

More events on end3r blog [PL]

onGameStart 2012

This post was started just few days after onGamesStart but I have hard time finishing it. Talks were really good and I hope that my personal preferences and laziness will not affect great speakers with shorter reviews :)

So let's start:

Day 0: 
Workshop with Kornel Lesinski & Peter van der Zee - Architecting canvas platformer game

During this workshop you will learn about OOP, game loop, timers, tile maps, game editor, map and character collisions, animation and state transitions, NPC AI. Detailed walkthrough of example code of a fully playable platformer game.

What I have learned
Make your game small and distinct from drawing and input so that it can run on Node or in WebWorker :) So there should be class for Input handling to make it static instead of event driven, and Extract rendering to other Object than game-loop main Object. Thanks to this distinction you can create many different Renderers eg. one for mobile and one for web. With this architecture one game can be displa…