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TJ Holowaychuk: Components

TJ posted on his blog about interesting idea to bring all connected content about eg. Popup and store it within one folder (or component). From that folder to component is easy to create some kind of package, package manager like npm (or I think that we can just use npm for this).

More about idea:

There are things that we must think before we create universal component (that can be used with jQuery, MooTools, YUI...). Make them extensible enough to use in big projects.

TJ mentioned that at LearnBoost they use similar idea with server and client code in one component, this is really interesting but if such modules would be in npm registry then they would have dependencies like Express or jQuery, or some kind of MVC library.

Another fragmentation issue is AMD vs Common.JS. I also think that Common.JS are more elegant but still now we have them both in community. I think about it with some kind of MVC and not only for browser but also …

How to Disable Hiding of Menu items in Ubuntu

For me this feature of hiding menu items in global menu is just annoying. Maybe there are people that doesn't need it, but I do, and it makes me longer to get there if I event can't see where it should be...

So how to see menu items all the time?

First install compiz-config:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

example from: Then install revamped config: Next open ubuntu config as in post above but open Experimental tab and at the bottom check "Menu Always Visible". That's it :) But if you just doesn't want this you can remove it all together:

From Console to Chrome

I'm trying to pick up with my watch later list on Youtube and today I watched From Console to Chrome by Lilli Thompson.

Some Chrome features to be aware of:
about:flags (FPS Counter) about:memory about:gpu about:tracing (to create your own boxes use console.time)console.time('my_tag');console.timeEnd('my_tag'); There are also command line switches to V8:
google-chrome --js-flags="  "

--trace-bailout - Chrome found function to optimize but it can't (see why)
--trace-opt - functions that were optimized.
--trace-deopt - when faster function is switched to slower one

google-chrome --js-flags="--trace-bailout --trace-opt --trace-deopt"

Searching for more about deopt I found that on my watch list is another video about it:

There is discussion how to really use them:!topic/v8-users/oiPLwFuGtOU

Jakob Kummerow suggest to use also: --print-opt-code and --code-comm…

Go to Hell Flash - Presentation by Michal Budzynski

Go to hell Flash, we don't need you anymore! GothamJs from michalbu
Another great presentation from organizer of onGameStart Conference. I really like his style of presentations, and there are additional surprises in code for polish readers ;)

More about conference:

Please let me know if there will be available videos from this conference.

Digesting JavaScript MVC by Addi Osmani

See presentation about MVC and MV* in JavaScript:

Many interesting points there!

Blob post:

Video can be viewed only on:

Learn Git in 15 minutes

Github created Git Training that can be done in 15 minutes and make you familiar with Git.

Course is created by Code School and can be viewed also on

Whole course is free, and you can learn most important things about Git, and I mean most of it. Really good work and I really can recommend doing it :)