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Web Performance for the Curious

Impressive presentation about whiteboxing WebKit and Chrome by Ilya Grigorik.

I strongly recommend flags that are on slide 21: (Network internals of Chrome)

chrome://predictors - omnibox predictor stats (tip: check 'Filter zero confidences')chrome://net-internals#sockets - current socket pool statuschrome://net-internals#dns - Chrome's in-memory DNS cachechrome://histograms/DNS - histograms of your DNS performancechrome://dns - startup prefetch list and subresource host cache
60FPS is not only about games but pages too, so keep an eye on how much code you execute eg. on scroll event.
60FPS affords you a 16.6ms budget per frame

We can use GPU by:
Forcing a GPU layer: -webkit-transform:translateZ(0)
GPU is really fast atcompositing, matrix operations and alpha blends

I w…