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New Domain

I will be moving this blog to a new domain and may lose some of the subscribers if you're using RSS for example.

I hope that the email list can help with the migration (modal + sidebar).

In the future, I also think about sending interesting articles and news about tech and books, but all the things that interest me :) Maybe that's something that you would find worth your effort to subscribe.

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December Spanish

It has been only three weeks since last post and it is already time to think about new month and probably new year.


Minimum Viable Spanish (without Mexican)! Easy Spanish • Conjugation (but only present verbs)The Winds of Khalakovo
That's it. Every other thing is still in progress.
The Complete iOS 8 Course with Swift 57% Complete The Swift Programming Language ~21%Duolingo: EnglishDuolingo: SpanishThe Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal 19% I want to write a proper "Plans for 2015" post pretty soon so if anyone was reading this I wish you a Happy New Year! :)

November Update


Book Review: Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystrom

I have started reading this book in December of 2013 when it was still in progress. Probably I have stumbled upon it somewhere on GameDev.js Facebook Group but I cannot really remember how I found it, but important point is that this time I have read it from cover to cover all over again to feel the difference with finished book.

The good thing about this book is that it is available both on paper and for free if you want to read it online. Just go to

I really liked the book and the hand drawn illustrations that really help understand the ideas. Best thing is that the author tries to emphasize how dangerous those patterns can be and many times warns the reader to do not use them if not needed. In my opinion having a list of downsides and pros of each pattern in one place that you can easily check in the browser, is really handy.

I have no idea if I am ever going to use any of them but having understanding of the underlying ideas behind for example…

Book Review: Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam

I have read only about 60% of the book. Some ideas were interesting but for me they were buried in elaborate and boring description of the model author is using. I would not recommend it to a friend. I really miss anything I could learn from the book and use in real life.

The best ideas in the book are described elsewhere in a better way so there is nothing interesting. Pick something else.

Rating 1/10

Book Review: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

I heard about this book so many times that I decided that there has to be something profound about it. Turns out it is a really good book that enables us to see ourselves in the bigger perspective of the universe. I found it funny and entertaining. It is a chaotic but remembering that it was written in 1979 then many ideas were into our everyday life. Many of names and ideas were inspired by the book for example Babble Fish and Deep Though. At least it is good to know where those come from.

Rating: 8/10

Book Review: Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

Second book from the Sword of Truth series. If you are interested in the review of the first book then you can find it here: Wizard's First Rule.

I had to stay up for 24 hours, but I found it pretty exhausting. The trick I used is instead of reading technical or business books I have picked second book of the series I know would be gripping and interesting. I have even found a second book better than the first one (but I admit that I may have get used to the style of the author). For sure it worked to keep me up, it was even working when I should go to sleep. It really was interesting.

Author style of writing and the fact that he tries to be friendly to new readers is sometimes annoying, especially when you think how much it adds to the book length, but there have to be some downsides.

Rating: 8/10