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B2G - Firefox OS

This project gained big attention and in my opinion is really interesting, both technically and commercially.

Thin client was always dream of the future, recently Google tried it with ChromeOS but it wan't successfull. In my opinion this was because of price, and Desktop look&feel. Maybe with tablet with ChromeOS it would be more popular.

Mozilla with new project wants to create cheap and application friendly OS for mobile phones. Core applications like support for SMS, or talks would be cached for offline use. I menioned offline because most of applications will work just as HMTL5 Web Applications!

This rally can be first operating system that will be like mobile browser in the pocket ;)

I really think recently about new phone:

Windows Phone - interesting, but I need desktop Windows to write applications :(iPhone - Mac OS :(Android - whatever OS I want The only thing that stops me was price... There are of course cheap phones, but they are for me too slow. Android on them is …

3D Tetris Tutorial


HTML 5 ROCKS Even More!

There is new html5rocks site I encourage my readers to see it:

On twitter (@tglazar) I found also Web App Field Guide which is awesome!

GLGE - building WebGL Game

Part 1 of creating game in GLGE:

GLGE is JavaScript library for the lazy WebGL programmers:

There is already part 2 of this tutorial:

PHP 5.4 Most Useful Features

Thee features of PHP 5.4 with some explanation:
TraitsShort syntax for arraysCallable type hinting

Stop WebKit Vendor Prefixes!

Call for an ACTION to stop implementation of -webkit- vendor prefix in other browsers!
This should not happen and I think that all -webkit- only sites should stop sniffing for Webkit and just use a tool like to easily add other browsers support.

In my humble opinion vendor prefixes was bad idea from the start, but worst idea was to let browsers put them in *stable* versions of browsers.

This is good for innovation, I can agree but this is bad for standarization, and now we see how.

Websites From Hell