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Promises and Deferreds - How I Stared To Like Them

Lately I've started to believe that promises are really useful concept. I used to think of them as some mumbo-jumbo invented by folks who can't get the idea that a function can be stored in a variable and the problem they are trying to solve is easy enough to deal with without any libraries.

My first step to understand them was to read: You're Missing the Point of Promises

After that I started to see something in them but couldn't find any real need for them. At that time I joined a new company and I was lucky enough to participate in the first HackDay where we started to implement mashup site that needed to get data from a bunch of urls and then start UI.
It was a perfect use case for promises, when all data is downloaded ("when") we can call UI initialization. As we used jQuery to speed up hacking I used jQuery promises with ajax calls. We found really good post by Edwin Martin Deferred and promise in jQuery and I finally got the idea behind promises and d…

Mac Window Manager

Recently I started working on Mac at work and I missed good window manager. Hopefully I found one:

It's customizable and have good defaults from start.

Code is on github:

Image at the top if from spectacle website, hopefully it's ok that I used it :)

Why JavaScript

Really good post about JavaScript and what pythonista Nicolas Perriault think about it.

I like this post and his arguments, short and fun to read.

Photo from:

What’s new for designers, January 2013

I stumbled upon interesting article on Webdesigner Depot on new and interesting sites and tools by Cameron Chapman:

What’s new for designers, January 2013

For me the most interesting ones are: - for easy documentation about REST API's - for managing virtual environments - easy editing of Github Jekyll sites. - fast start with Chrome extensions.
I encourage you to visit original post because it is much longer :)

Books To Read Before Interview

Today I found on prismatic interesting post about what to read before interview.
It is really worth recommending because of language agnostic list of books and some best for your language.

For JavaScript it is Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja by John Resig. If you don't know him, then at least you should know jQuery which is his library. Book is pretty new so I haven't read it yet but look really promising.
Edit: Some of my friends told me that book is not so fun to read (they are rather advanced so it's hard to tell without reading what is my opinion, but maybe consider also opinions on Amazon before buying)

The easiest to see is how much books about Design Patterns are recommended. Personally I used to think about them as stupid. Most of us know them at basic level and in my opinion it should suffice.
I know that it will work for sad projects, but when you create something new, that you have no idea how it should work it is mistake to t…