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Java - Basics

After a quite long time not writing in Java I decide to brush up my knowlede of Java. When I was learning Java about two years ago I read book: Java for C++ programmers. This time I think that I need something haavier and specifically about Java: Thinking in Java or Core Java books. From my friend i borrowed Thinking in Java (4th edition). When I look at this book it is a bit intimidating becouse it has 1200 pages and I can't predict speed of reading it. In my family house I have Core Java: Volume I, eight edition. Now I have to options: read TiJ and after that Core Java to consolidate my knowlede or switch to Core Java as fast as I get it from home. As for now I'm reading TiJ so at least for a couple of weeks it will be my favourite book :)

Spring 3.0 on Google App Engine

I have found nice post about it There is only one little bug in dipstcher-servlet.xml it should have viewResolver look like:

<bean id="viewResolver"
<property name="prefix" value="/WEB-INF/views/" />
<property name="suffix" value=".jsp" />

<property name="viewClass"
value="org.springframework.web.servlet.view.JstlView" />


I have created list of Eclipse Plugins I think are most valuable for me, check it out and get me know about what to add/remove/replace :)List: Plugin ListPosted via web from krzychukula's posterous

Java Camp#3 oraz Żałoba Narodowa

Miał być wpis o Java Camp#3 o tym, że było ciekawie. Prezentacje ciekawe, i bardzo dobrze prowadzone ale jak wszyscy wiemy miało miejsce nieszczęście.Jest to bardzo smutne, współczuję rodzinom wszystkich którzy zginęli. Zwykle byłem przeciw Żałobie Narodowej, jednak dziś sam bym ją ogłosił.This post was supposed to be about Java Camp#3 but due to big traggedy that happen today it's a day to think about the dead.If someone want to read about it simply write 'polish tragedy' to google.It is really sad to all of us.Posted via web from krzychukula's posterous