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Recently @hipertracker wrote that I do not know Java, with sadness I
must write that he may be right...
At university I staudied mostly C++ strictly academicaly, then I wrote
some Java and C# projects and in last year I choose Java, particuary
JavaFX for my B.Sc.
With knowledge of C++ I was able to read one short book about JSE, and
one about Servlets to start coding. By now I think that ther is no way
to continue my journey without any *good* book about Java. Thats my
conclusion. So what do you recommend?
And I still think my tests were quite good, maybe except java, but I
know that in first place becouse It was too fast for me. But for my
simple test I have about 60% of confidence that: Java and Scala in
speed are similar(linear problems), Groovy is slow.
I was reading a book about Groovy: Pragmatic Groovy about 2 months, I
was a good book. If anyone is interested in Groovy I can recommend it.
But if you find something newer it will be even better ;) I will
abort Gro…

Speed Test PHP

In previous post I examine Java, Scala and Groovy speed on my computer, as alternative see how it can be done in PHP:<?php
time2();function time2(){    $start = mktime();
    for($i = 0; $i < 100; $i++){
        for($j = 0; $j < 100; $j++){
            for($k = 0; $k < 100; $k++){
                for($l = 0; $l < 100; $l++){
    }    echo (int)(mktime() - $start);
32 s

~33 seconds!!!!
Groovy has half of it, Scala 1/5... Java: No Comment!
Krzysiek Kula Posted via email from krzychukula's posterous

JVM Languages speed test: Java vs. Scala vs. Groovy

This is helloworld spped test... so it shows nothing about speed other than mentioned in comments. 
For all that doesn't like my test: For me it shows how small applications can work and if they are smart enough to ignore dummy code :) I've figured it after reading comments.

Java is slow,
Scala works probably the same but starts longer.
Groovy is slower.
Groovy++ - maybe some day I will have time to test it. 

I read about Groovy and Scala, both languages are interesting. Groovy is easier and have much better support, it is like heaven and hell when you compare Scala and Groovy support (Intelli IDEA is only one that works for me... but I think that when I install in Eclipse Groovy plugin it breakes Scala support, Groovy and Scala are fighting in my computer and when one works second breaks, but it is only for me).
I like Groovy but i read about how slow it is, lets write veeery simple test and check it: Scala:
object Sample{   def main(args: Array[String]) = {         for( g <…

Last month

Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google)

Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google)
For some time I have no time to write, byt while installing extensions to Chrome 4, I find titled extension. Maybe using it I will post more often...
In last month there was a lot of changes in my life: 1: Moving to Krakow... Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland. But why I do that? See 2. 2: After serching a job as a Java developer I gave up and start a 3-month practice (paid ;) as a junior PHP/Zend Framework programmer. 3: Install back Windows XP, sometimes I don't have time to Linux.... :( 4: Install Debian ;) Attention! When I upgrade it to sid my network menager stopped and I was unable to fix it, but now everything is ok, but I have stable realase installed ;)
I still have one partition empty but can't decide between Linux Mint and Linux Ubuntu. Readers please vote! ;)
About PHP: I am reading about 3-4 php books at once but I after work I'm tired and sometimes read only a few pages.
PHP language: It is slow! But at wo…