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JavaScript Strip Tags

To get only Text from String with html tags.

function strip(html)
var tmp = document.createElement("DIV");
tmp.innerHTML = html;
return tmp.textContent || tmp.innerText;


-moz-element in Firefox 4
Really impressive article. Must read.

CSS3 Animations

CSS3 Buttonize Framework

10 Interesting Tools for JavaScript Developers

Micro.jsDiva.jsBookmarklet generatorjQAPIHeatmap.jsRespond.jsModernizerYepNopeLigature.jsFitText.js

JavaScript Memory Management

Another to read later article about JavaScript:

To books page I've added link to Mozilla page about JavaScript:

Great about it is that now I am reading Eloquent JavaScript so it would be convenient to read also the rest of suggested materials :)

For now I have about 19 items in my ToDo list, and it so hard to check it all...

Programmers Health Problems (Wrist exercies)


For me interesting was wrist exercies:

Node.js on Windows

Make Awesome Web

Great site with every new and awesome project in one place.


Upload image and get coordinates of images in sprites with one click.

JavaScript Scoping and Hoisting

Understanding delete

Great post about delete in JavaScript. From Browsers to Firebug, with explanations about IE bugs and strict mode.

Protect Career learning new technologies

GitSSJS with Node.jsConcurrent Programming LanguagesNoSQLResponsive Web Design

Gnome3 - Seed

WebGL Security

Really good post about security issues of WebGL in browsers.

Programming Languages Speed Test

Many times I used to know what is fastest, this time in case of JavaScript (V8).

As an example: JavaScript vs. PHP:

Rynek Mobilny

Ciekawy artykuł o rozwoju mobilnej sieci oraz przewidywaniach na najbliższe dwa lata odnośnie jego rozwoju. Moim zdaniem widać to dobitnie i chyba każdy zdaje sobie sprawę jak ważne staje się opublikowanie własnej aplikacji mobilnej.

CSS Nyan Cat



Note that it works the best in Chrome or new Firefox Beta.

What makes them click

This is list of 100 articles about people, subjects from psychology and UX, UI design. Really impressive.
After reading a couple of them I can confirm that this series is great.

JavaScript vs. ActionScript Speed

Interesting article with benchmarks of speed of various JavaScript implementations comparing to ActionScript speed.

Object Orinted CSS

Object Oriented CSS
View more presentations from Nicole Sullivan

Interesting presentation with similar rules like CSSLint. Makes me thinking how this can cooperate with SASS/LESS adny if OOCSS or SASS/LESS really solves CSS problems?

Mobile Web & Performance

Great presentation about writing mobile websites, especially to write them to be fast websites.

Mobile Web & HTML5 Performance Optimization
View more presentations from Maximiliano Firtman


This tool is intended to validate CSS files.
Many people are against rules in CSSLint. Read more:

SVN Move and Merge

Interesting question:

But try this in real work: several feature branches, many bugfix branches and release branch. Add to it that not everybody in a team is svn master and You would know how svn "real" move is important.

But this issue is 9 years old and even now is moved to future 1.8 release.

Subversion 1.7 in roadmap is sheduled for Q1 2011. I am curious when it will be :)
About month ago there was much more yellow dots so hope it will be soon.

Tip: In 1.7 SVN will work a bit more like git: one ".svn" folder and even -git option for svn diff.


Interesting site that can be useful for developers switching from php to python.
Shows python alternatives to php functions and classes.

Genesis of OOP

I really doesn't know is this is true but makes me thinking. I have read about it  2009, now just bookmarking on blog.



Flow charts with ASCII characters.

Create Zip in JavaScript JSZip

Create zip files in JavaScript. Doesn't work in IE browsers and has problem with others, even new, but for sure it is interesting!

Node.js Tutorial: Blog

Create Slides with Fathom.js

Fathom.js is a JavaScript library that can help You in creating slides with HTML and CSS.

Fathom.js is a jQuery plugin and is hosted on github.




A successful Git branching model

Great post about using git to work in team, to develope new new features, fix bugs and support production.

This is great post and in most parts can be used in SVN, Mercurial or Bazaar.

ZendFramework2 - what's new

Ciekawa strona w wieloma artykułami na tematy webowe:

Z tego co widzę nie znajdziemy tam kompletnych kursów na dane tematy, ale najważniejsze pojęcia mają swoje krótkie omówienie. Szczegóły można wyszukać w wielu innych miejscach, ale zrozumienie działania jest najważniejsze.

Co można znaleźć:

HTMLXHTMLCSSCSS3JavaScriptMySQLZa minus można wziąć brak jakiejkolwiek wzmianki o HTML5 (jeśli po prostu nie znalazłem proszę o informacje)

Node Beginner Book

Book of Speed

High-performance web apps:

Introduction to Git

jVectorMap - SVG with jQuery

NoSQL databases

JavaScript Attack/Defense

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Static Website Generators

Everyone knows that static content is fastest...

For small sites this really can be interesting :)

CSS Text Shadow for Copy and Paste

Webian Shell from Mozilla

As @tglazar said, in near future we will be writing only with HTML and JavaScript...

Podstawy wątków w Javie

Git Tutorials for Beginners

Getting started with html5boilerplate

Easily renaming many files


for i in "Pre - "*; do mv "$i" "${i/Pre - }"; done; 

Presentations slides with html and css

Common JavaScript mistakes

JavaScript na poważnie

Część pracy magisterskiej (teoretyczna) będąca jednocześnie wstępem do języka JavaScript. Autor prosi o pomoc w wyszukaniu wszelkiej maści bugów :)

Against hashbangs

ES5 and use strict

Darmowe książki o Java

Books about Node.js

Dynamically changing meta viewport

Hidden features of PHP

Nice presentation aobut native PHP functions and some interesting PHP projects and extensions.

micro-data -

Scripts loaders and scripts concatenation

Great post about concatenating scripts and script loaders with explenation how and when to use them.

Mixins in JavaScript

Slides from Dutch PHP Conference