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Reading list update - December 2012

Last month I spent more time reading books than on the web, part of this because I got a couple of books from Santa and another part is because I my new company there is really nice culture of reading books.

So in order of end date:  Test-Driven JavaScript Development by Christian Johansen - really good book but it was hard to finish, at some time I stopped writing examples and read it till the end just to get most important ideas of it. Nevertheless really good book and introduction to TDD.You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney - about most common biases and how I am stupid ;) JavaScript Design Patterns - but this one was in Polish from Helion. Pretty good one and much better than I thought earlier.The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card - This on is fantasy book :)Pragmatic Learning and Thinking by Andy Hunt - another good book about mind and learningAsync JavaScript by Trevor Burnham - Short and really good book about async in general and way…

Performance Calendar 2012

Check out Performance Calendar for 2012!

If you know it from previous year treat this like a reminder, but if it's new look at articles from last year, read 3 (at time of writing) from this year and subscribe to RSS feed or just create new habit of reading it every day. Articles are great and are really relevant. Strongly recommended! :)

WebSummary - SVG within HMTL5 Page - 2 December 2012

Last week there was many interesting articles. I think that most popular was article about inlining SVG in HTML5:

 Using Inline SVGs With HTML5

 There is also new article in Performance Calendar:
 Is localStorage performance a problem?

 If you are curious how to implement fast sroting algorithm in JS:
 Computer science in JavaScript: Quicksort

And best video from Microsoft I've seen: Microsoft: You Mad? Yeah, You Mad (Video)