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Emmet - Meet better ZenCoding

Recently new version of ZenCoding named Emmet came out of beta:

Emmet came out with support for many popular IDE's and editors. For me in SublimeText2 is only a matter of installing a Emmet package with PackageControl.
If you know ZenCoding most of your workflow will be the same eg:
ul#nav>li.item$*4>a{Item $}
with Tab will create:
<ul id="nav">             <li class="item1"><a href="">Item 1</a></li>             <li class="item2"><a href="">Item 2</a></li>             <li class="item3"><a href="">Item 3</a></li>             <li class="item4"><a href="">Item 4</a></li>         </ul>
New thing are abbreviations for CSS and Actions, fortunately there is cheat-sheet at docs page:
Example of CSS:
bd     is translated to: border:|;

So i…

WebSummary - Insert coin to continue by @photonstorm - 25 November 2012

For this week only one but awesome presentation about monetization of HTML5 games in practice!

"Insert coin to continue: Making money from your HTML5 games" by@photonstorm

"Insert coin to continue: Making money from your HTML5 games" by Richard Davey from onGameStart on Vimeo.

This is really worth to watch, especially if you'r thinking about HTML5 game, or creating one.

Memrise - Learning words as planting flowers

Recently I found post at about learning new language base vocabulary (1000 most common words) and they mentioned nice site to learn:

Features that I think are awesome:

Idea of planting a flower in your head when learingFirst learn then repeat.Memes created by users to help youMany coursesWorks fast and looks awesome :)


WebSummary - DOM vs Canvas - 18 November 2012

Short version of my links from twitter from last week. I hope you will enjoy them :)

DOM Sprites: a Viable Alternative to Canvas

Is canvas tag that much superior than plain old DOM? In many cases not. There is nice talk from onGameStart 2012 about it in context of crappy android phones and tablets. - "Making games for kids on the mobile web" by Jon Howard

Stop Using Native HTML5!

JavaScript APIs you’ve never heard of (and some you have)

Helpful Tips: The Difference Between Good And Bad Job Requirements

If you have problem with finding good developer, or any developer maybe your job requirements are bad. I see this also in Poland. Those text can be translated 1-1 to Polish and you will get most common job requirements.

Misc: Post in Polish ab…

WebSummary - Best Tech Videos - 11 November 2012

My list of best news from last week:

Useful Tech Talks And Videos From Web Conferences: talk about " Why Linux sucks": (and how make it better) + some reading A web developer’s guide to the latest Chrome Beta: Kick-ass programming quotes
Hope you will enjoy this list, happy watching and reading :)

WebSummary - fast JS, html5 myths and how to be a presenter. 6 November 2012

From some time I think about posting here summary of my tweets. As most nowadays most of the time I use twitter and google reader for RSS, posting and sharing. Sometimes I use Yammer to share stuff in company. Downfall of that is that I stopped writing on my blog.

I want to change it, but simply copying data from my twitter isn't going to be interesting, so I came up with the idea to filter it to most interesting links (in my opinion).

Good and comprehensive article about writing fast JS, GC in JS VMs, just look at it, should be worth your time: on HTML5 by Mozilla: Geek to Presenter by Chris Heilmann: ideas how to be better programmer:

If above is n…