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NVM or N

From time to time I go back to the problem of switching Node.js versions. Sometimes it's enough to just go to the node.js website and install a new version but if you have to switch versions between different projects all the time then you soon realize you need a tool for that.
I know of two such tools: has really nice UX and it's really intuitive to work with it. The problem arises if your different projects use different versions of global packages - you have to deal with it yourself.
The biggest advantage of NVM is that it switches global packages with the node version so you really get a clean slate with every version. The biggest problem I have with NVM is that it's UX is really bad and I found myself explaining the same things over and over again to my colleagues.
Because of the global packages, I found myself advising NVM to people last couple of years...

At the same time, I have learned the hard way that global…

Simplicity Talk from Meet.js Summit 2016

Video of my Meet.js Summit talk is finally online, so if you missed please let me know what you think about it.

I have learned a lot from feedback at the conference and I have heard some great comments that I feel  add a lot of value to my talk.

Important message from @krzychukula: Learn the language well and don't expect frameworks be solution for your laziness #meetjs16 — Mariusz Nowak (@medikoo) March 19, 2016
First, I really like the tweet by Mariusz Nowak. That's something that I haven't mention in the talk because I have assumed that people would do that before going for frameworks. Only when I've seen this tweet I've realized that it's not always the case and I should have emphasized that before moving to new tools and frameworks.

I have advised people to use Editors instead of IDEs but many people told me later that they don't want to miss on refactorings and all the ease of use they provide. To me that was the exact reason why I want to work witho…

CraftConf 2016 Review

Last week I have attended Craft Conference for the first time and I've decided to share my experience. My favourite presentations:Dan North - "Embracing uncertainty" Jez Humble - "You Can Have It All: Software Development at Ludicrous Speed"

Some other worth mentioning:Adrian Cockcroft - "The Evolution of Microservices" Marty Cagan - "Great Product Team, Successful Product" Doc Norton - "The Technical Debt Trap" Yao Yue - "Toward Better Design and Code" Most important takeaway:Most important lesson for me was to be reminded about happiness and job satisfaction. The best way to make sure that something will be done is to let people have fun doing it. For example: if a developer can use this new language or framework she is enthusiastic about it's more likely she will do it just because it will be fun for her. No one likes to do chores, and getting money for that is not going to help much.

Other interesting themes/ideas:Micros…