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git-svn dcommit to new svn repository

I was unable to put my Git repository to new SVN one, so for the future first create dummy svn repo, then clone it using git svn and work on this :)

Catching Paths on Canvas

Shell.js - Shell for Dropbox

Google Page Speed Service

Let Google automatically improve Your's website speed.

"Pricing will be competitive"

Understand this Keyword in JavaScript


jGen - Easily Create Isometric Games

jGen is JavaScript game engine for Isometric Games.

Interesting is ready for use Map editor:

Node.js at Scale

Interesting presentation about Node.js on high load servers.

A million connections and beyond - Node.js at scale
View more presentations from Tom Hughes-Croucher

Avoiding Common HTML5 Mistakes

Great post about new HTML5 tags and how to use them properly.

Get Started with WebGL

Tutorial from netmagazine.

But for the first steps I recommend something like THREE.js to quickly get to the awesome part of WebGL, and after playing some time on higher level of abstraction get back to low level to see how it really works :)

Joint - UML Diagrams with JavaScript

Joint is JavaScript diagramming library which uses Raphaël SVG library.


JSFX - Sound Effect Generator

Interesting project, this sound effects will suit to simple JavaScript games :)

Definitive Guide to Jenkins

This book can be purchased or downloaded for free:

Jenkins can help you with repeating tasks, more at Jenkins wiki:


New interesting blog about Creative uses of JavaScript. Most of it are Canvas and WebGL demos but it looks really impressive :)

Deep Dive into HTML5 Canvas

Great presentation that can be used as tutorial or book about Canvas by Josh Marinacci.

jQuery Boilerplate

Jump start in creating jQuery plugins.

PHP Docbook Online Editor

Edit PHP Docbook Online:

Google Pac-Man

Thanks to JS News group on Facebook I realize that I didn't watched all IO videos!

+ Great talk about games in general:

HTML5 and Games

Great talk about Games in JavaScript and HTML5.

HTML5 & JavaScript Games View more documents from Rob Hawkes

Id's in CSS Selectors

From some time after reading about OOCSS and CSSLint I think about id selectors.
Another good post about it:
As author tested id selectors aren't that fast! So strongest argument is not so strong.

Lazy in Programming

This is how all we are: Lazy. Accept it.
Great post about laziness of users:
I think that most programmers forget about it.

Legacy Code

Great post about Legacy Code and Tests.
Tests will slow down developers, bugs and new features will take longer, but it will be better in future of project. Tests will document code and ease support. Also QA phase will be shorter.
Scout Rule:

CSS3 Radial Gradients

Hardware Acceleration on Mobile Browsers

JavaScript OneLiners

Pinned Sites in IE and Windows
This is really interesting how this can integrate with Windows7.
Google Chrome is about WebApplications, now I think that this is even better. WebApplications really integrated with Operating System. + one that this is without creating browser addon! Just paste some additional markup to your html and this will start working.
I am not really fan of Microsoft, but they are for sure innovative, if only it plays well with implementing standards....

Emberwind HTML5 Demo

Great demo of Emberwind.
Blog post:
This really look impressive :) There is only physics and world without opponents but is fast :)

Podstawy WebWorkers

WebWorkers are easy but handy introduction in polish can be useful at the beginning.

JS News on Facebook

For some time I was not sure if I want to participate in any group on Facebook, but JS News is worth it!
If You have Facebook account and You speak polish I strongly recommend it:

Learn JavaScript and jQuery for Free.

Interesting site with videos to learn from.

jQuery Performance

Really impressive presentation about speed of jQuery in real life usage and how to write jQuery code that would be fast.
Author also encourage to use for testing speed.

Presentation url:

jQuery Proven Performance Tips & Tricks View more presentations from Addy Osmani

Git Cheatsheet

Minify - Speed for PHP Websites

Web Intents

Intents like in Android device in HTML5 browser.

HTML5 Security Cheatsheet


JavaScript Tips and Tricks
Good collection of JavaScript features that will make you like JavaScript and the ones that You should know if You want to like it for a longer ;)

20 Impressive Project From Mozilla Demo Studio

SDJ Sierpień - NoSQL

Bardzo ciekawe wydanie.
1: Gry - już czytałem i może nie ma tam jakichś konkretów, ale czytało się bardzo przyjemnie i działa dość motywująco ;) Jeszcze nie czytałem kolejnych ale zapowiadają się ciekawie.
NoSQL Sencha Touch Zarządzanie czasem
Więcej na:

CSS Positioning Without Floats

Great post about CSS positioning.
From html tables to Float defects. Alternatives: inline-block (with one defect of it's own). CSS3 - Flexbox CSS3 - Template Layot Model

HTML5 Grind

Recently I've found really interesting site about HTML5 Games.
Really impressive was Tank World game:

Open Terminal Here in Windows7

I use "open terminal here" often (Linux) but how to do that in Windows7 ?
Press Shift and then right mouse click.
"Open command window here"
PL: "Otwórz okno polecenia tutaj".

JavaScript Garden in Polish

Run Unit Tests with Git Push

Short and easy article how to Run Unit tests while doing git push with git hooks.