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Porcine Contest - Win onGameStart Ticket

Draw pig (with HTML&CSS) and win free onGameStart conference (HTML5 game development) ticket.
More info on Lydia's blog
Contest is ending at Saturday so harry up!
I read today at Lydia's twitter that there are only a couple of submissions so there is a big chance to win :)

Future Web Editing
Good post about new browser apis to support editing.

Learn JavaScript with Object Graphs

Recently I found on nice post to help learn JavaScript by Tim Cassel:

ChuClone - WebGL Platformer
Simple game in WebGL by Mario Gonzales
Game uses Three.js and Box2d libraries.

Animated ASCII Art

JavaScript Academy!/exercise/0
Interactive Academy for learning JavaScript.

JavaScript Patterns For Large-Scale Web-Apps
Pretty long article about large scale JavaScript application architecture by Addy Osmani.
Article is about JavaScript but also about culture and planning.

Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript

Micro-Library for keyboard shortcuts:
It has no dependencies.
Use: Web Applications and Games.

Three.js Game - Cubed

Daniel Rapp created game with three.js. simple looking but works fast and is fun :)

Firefox 7 for Developers
Draft of new documentation for developers with links to older documents.

Front-end Code Standards
Coding standards from isobar. How to write HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. All in one place.

Windows batch - send message

API Design: Boolean Trap

One of the best articles I read recently!This make me think that I don't know many important thing about API Design :(
Boolean API parameters destroy code readability. After reading it I can agree and I will try avoid it in my code.Fun to read, strongly recommend!
API design principles are from Nokia QT library but as author explains they in the root are language agnostic, at least for similar to C languages.

PHP Frameworks
Mostly interests me Fat-Free Framework and FuelPHP (more about it in comments). Read about how they work comparing to Zend, CodeIgniter or Kohana.

Best Resources to Learn JavaScript

Vary impressive list of JavaScript best learning books and videos at StackOverflow:
If you are interested in more free books look at Free Books at my blog:

OOP Tutorials - Ducks and Cars

Ducks and Cars aren't good for teaching Object Oriented Programming. Read whole discussion at:

Deck JS - HTML Presentations


This is library to create presentations using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Great about it is support for HTML5 tags, and some default styles.
There are modules to make presentations better, like navigation or displaying number of slides.

Programmer Personality Test
What type of Programmer are You?
My result is : DHSB Doer.High level. Solo situation. liBeral programmer.
But I can agree with author that most of people will be somewhere in the middle of the opposite options, just closer to one of them.
If You want post in comment Your result :)

Test Key: There are no wrong answers so look at this at the end.

The Eight Levels of Programmers
where do you see yourself in five years?
Post about life long opportunities for programmers who want to be programmers:
Dead Programmer, Successful Programmer, or Famous Programmer? I think that these thee are the best goals to think about future.

PL: Wstęp Do Programowania w Linuxie (Ubuntu)

Bardzo ciekawy i wyczerpujący artykuł o podstawach programowania w Linuxie.
Przegląd przez popularne języki i edytory. Wszystko czego potrzeba by zacząć programować w Ubuntu.

PL: PHP - Przestrzenie Nazw by porneL

Bardzo wnikliwy post na temat przestrzeni nazw w PHP, głównie ich wad. Co prawda nie ze wszystkim się zgadzam, ale na pewno z większością!
Polecam ocenić samemu, nie bedę nic sugerował.

Node/MongoDB powered

With YUI 3. 4 there is new version of yuilibrary powered by Node.js and MongoDB.
While reading Node Web Development with every chapter I think more of Node like production ready. Yahoo! uses it, why can't I ;)

Play with Three.js - Particles

On creativejs site there is first part of Three.js tutorial about Particles.
Code examples are incomplete and has one bug so at the end look ad github source:
How to easily try Three.js? Try, recently they added Three.js r42 to supported libraries so it's only one click to use it.
This working example is available at:

Particles - Three.js - - share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

Samuel L. Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is Boring!
Try Samuel L. Ipsum
My money's in that office, right? If she start giving me some bullshit about it ain't there, and we got to go someplace else and get it, I'm gonna shoot you in the head then and there. Then I'm gonna shoot that bitch in the kneecaps, find out where my goddamn money is. She gonna tell me too. Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you, motherfucker. You listen: we go in there, and that nigga Winston or anybody else is in there, you the first motherfucker to get shot. You understand?

How Works Browser Engines

Drawbacks of Responsive Design

Good post about responsive design, pointing that this is not silver bullet. It can introduce new problems with advertising, cost and user experience. As author wrote it is stile very good  tool, but use it wisely.

Know Your Engines

Know yourengines velocity2011
View more presentations from Demis Bellot
This presentation really can help writing faster JavaScript.

Add Lancher to Gnome-Shell dash

I want to have fast access to ebook I mention yesterday so I wanted to add it to dash... It isn't easy enough! (yes I have in mind that Gnome3 was supposed to be easy... )

After some time with Gnome-Shell many times I want to add something to top Panel like I was adding it to Panels in Gnome2, together with desktop that is only wallpaper I can't have any custom shortcuts on desktop :(

Conky is troublesome - I am used to know if CPU and RAM are ok, any ideas for nice conky replacement?

Functional Programming For The Rest of Us

Introduction to functional programming by Slava Akhmechet

Node Web Development

My holiday is ending and for start I will review Node Web Development Book from Pack:

I want to write about which version of node is book about but this can be found only in installation instructions, in my opinion it should be earlier, but I can live with that :)

Node version in book: 0.4.8 so in super fast node development it's pretty valid.
Book is short, only about 150 pages so this would be rather introduction to Web Development but good to see a chapter about Databases.

JavaScript FAQ

Interesting idea to collect answers to most common JavaScript questions.