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10 Oddities of JavaScript

Jak wykryć przeglądarki mobilne

Facebook release management

How facebook pushes code to production.

+ description:

JavaScript prototypal inheritance

JavaScript Libraries

CSS3 Gradients

CSS3 Media Queries

JavaScript Server Engines

3D objects with only CSS3

HTML5 and Accesibility

HTML5 RPG Editor

Full Browser Width Bars

Hosting Node.js po polsku

Bardzo spodobała mi się oferta hostingowa firmy Megiteam która udostępnia praktycznie wszystko co tylko przyszło by mi do głowy jeśli chodzi o dobry hosting.

dostęp SSH...

Pełna lista która obowiązuje dla wszystkich hostingów:

Muszę przyznać że jestem pod wrażeniem.

Safe CSS Hacks

JavaScript and UTF8 Dice

NoSQL Databases comparision

JavaScript - linkdump

Zebrane w jednym poście informacje o JavaScript:
O czym można przeczytać: 1: pushState 2: Node.js 3: Amb() 4: FalsyValues 5: Loop performance ...

You don't need a service layer

Curried JavaScript

Read about .bind  from the @kaaes post about 'this' in JavaScript.

This in JavaScript


Great info also You can find in Learning to Love JavaScript from IO 2011 :

Learn CSS3 Gradients

Demo page:

But for myself I used Dev Tools and paste examples to html tag on David page :)

SASS - future of CSS

Davis.js HTML5 pushState routing

Declarative HTML and JavaScript with

Angular is a templating and declarative library written in JavaScript.
It makes html templating language with eg. data binding with user inputs.

Project page:

I am not sure what to think about it, data binding is interesting but {{var}} in html output from server doesn't look interesting. I am not sure what with users browsers without JavaScript.

jQuery QR-Code plugin

JavaScript Publish/Subscribe Pattern

HTML5 audio

CSS3 keyframe animations


Advanced REST Client for Chrome

CSS Matrix

Playing with matrices:

Pozdrawiam, Krzysztof Kula

Linux: search and replace recursively

find ./ -type f -exec sed -i 's/staystring/nowystring/' {} \;


JavaScript Linux Emulator

IE7 z-index fix


JavaScript Module Pattern

Really Great post about modularization patterns in JavaScript:

Co nowego w PHP 5.3


CSS3 w IE6

Świetnie zebrana lista hacków na starsze wersje IE by uzyskać efekty dostępne w CSS3

Advanced REST Client for Chrome

The Ins and Outs of Script Concatenation


Work at facebook

Speed comparison between Node.js, Tornado and Erlang server libraries

Chrome Dev Tools


Contribute to Open Source - Beginner Guide

Great motivational post how to help open source projects (especially how to start to contribute).

Google IO 2011 playlist

If I have enough time I will try to keep it up-to date with sessions.

Grep many files at once

6 ciekawych narzędzi dla developerów PHP

Sliding letters with jQuery

Developer Expierience

Sitting down is dangerous to You


HTML5 and CDD Presentations

Two great presentations:

Craeting x-browser HTML5 solutions:

Community Driven Development:

Google IO live stream

Ubuntu Unity Indicators

Display JavaScript Errors in Chrome

In Chrome it is easy to overlook the JavaScript errors, but there is extension for it:

REST Console for Chrome

Git Tak po prostu

Git - Prezentacja

SVN - Prezentacja

Znalezione w otchłaniach internetu:

SVN - XX. Meeting of Warsaw .NET UG from Warsaw .NET User Group on Vimeo.

How to extend Firebug TC39 Harmony

Great post about future of JavaScript:

Evolution of Code Design at Facebook

Vim File Explorer

to see simple File Explorer.

Path finding with Canvas

Web font services

Adaptive CSS Zen Garden

JavaScript Resources

Vim Config