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Free JSBooks

If you want to learn JavaScript but you are short on money is really impressive initiative to create list of free books on JavaScript and front end development.  I have read some of them and they are really good books. Free doesn't mean they are worse than paid ones.

May Update - Design for Hackers - Meet.js - ReadingClub

My plans from last month went all wrong... I've done much less that I planned and at the same time I have read 4 really long books that I got for birthday (sum about 2600 pages) so I've spend two entire weeks on them. But let's review some books:
Design for Hackersby David Kadavy This is really good book! I can strongly recommend it. I'm not really any graphic designer, or really into drawing but nonetheless book was fun. For me it was great to get general ideas about graphics and design. Some rules are really, really old and I sill remember some of them from my primary school, it was great refresher! If you want to know more about design just read it :)

Lean Startup by Eric Ries  Book is good but next to me in the office sits guy that talks about ideas from this book all the time so it wasn't really "new" and revolutionary for me. Many times I get frustrated by slow pace of book (because I know it), but it is easy to understand it. For many people this id…