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Plans for 2015

Next year will be about big changes. In January, my wife and I are going to Gibraltar. I hope it will be very educative experience to work in English speaking country. Good thing about new job is that finally I will be working on HTML5 Games - something I was thinking about for a couple of years already.

Most of the people make new resolutions to do something... unfortunately it does not work for me. The best thing I can decide to do is to create new habits. It might be a strange idea, but I am not the only one who thinks that way, for example, read "5 Ideas to Create an Amazing 2015".

I want to adjust how I have managed my plans and task and I really like the idea of weekly adjustments. This is something that I have done randomly - sometimes even after a couple of months so I hope it can really help me.

Saying that I have some big ideas and I think that putting them here can help me remember about them during the year. It may inspire your own goals so here it is:

Learn Eng…