Book Review: Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind (#3 Sword of Truth)

This is book 3 from the Sword of Truth series.

I am personally fan of the books that do not try to be accessible to the reader in the middle of the series, unfortunately Sword of Truth tries to be like that.
Personally I found myself skipping through huge parts of the text because rehearsals of past events were so boring and common that the only other option would be to drop the book.

This probably makes the book accessible without reading the previous ones but who does that, and in my opinion the cost it too big.

Maybe because of that but it was the worst part so far, the only thing that made me read it through is probably Sunk Cost Fallacy and the parts where author focused on the action instead of explanations. Skipping of boring parts probably helped as well...

Good part of the series are wizard rules - they really remind me of psychology books and Cognitive Biases.

Book is accessible without reading previous ones but probably would make more sense to read them before nonetheless.

 Rating: 6/10


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