September Updates - Mindmap


  1. Remote
  2. NoSQL Distilled
  3. Praktyczna Improwizacja
  4. Mistborn
  5. The Well of Ascension
  6. The Hero of Ages
  7. Corporation
  8. Reading Club, September 10


  1. I planned vacation with my wife. It did not happen unfortunately.

Plans for October:

  1. Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace
  2. Game Programming Patterns by Bob Nystrom
  3. Refresh Healthy Programmer
  4. Buy Mac
  5. Buy device (to read programming books) eg. iPadMini. (this probably has to wait for another month)


  1. Memrise - 24/32 levels (last month it had 26 levels)
  2. Duolingo - almost finished
  3. Guitar - I bought new acoustic guitar and hope to start proper lessons this Saturday.
  4. iOS Programming - 12/29 chapters (I hope to buy Mac this month to speed it up)
  5. Swimming - once a week (right now it is on hold due to back ache)


  1. ReadingClub - October


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