July Update - Mindset

I would say that my mindset changed a bit last month. I am really inspired by creative work and I always try to create something on my own. Unfortunately, it backfires most of the time and I end up with something that is not working or just impossible to do in my spare time.

After reading "learn game development like woodworking" and "Steal Like an Artist" I feel better just going after the book, write examples and copy (I'm doing exactly that with "iOS Programming" book). I feel free from the urge to create something innovative that most of the time just made me too much stressed to do anything...
It's ok to copy and recreate existing app ideas, you're going to learn a lot from the process. The same rule applies to all kinds of learning.
While reading "Decisive" I really liked story from chapter 3 "Multitrack" about Ads designers. Both test groups get same amount of feedback but first group get asked to create only one design and second group were asked to create three different designs. Second group got feedback about all three designs and then were asked to create two design and after feedback one final design. First group created only one design and iterated over this one six times. What is interesting in this test is that designers from second group created better ads and they were much more positive about they work and quality of feedback they got. 

  1. Finished 10 swimming lessons and will probably take a month break.
  2. Flow
  3. Steal Like an Artist
  4. Meditations
  5. Effective Objectice-C 2.0
  6. Decisive
  7. Write an app in React.js

  1. Tai-Chi - two times a week. It's my first time so I have no idea if it is for me.
  2. Getting Things Done (I'm about 50% done :)
  3. js13kgames.com not sure if I'll manage to work on it but I really hope so. Downside I need to stop working on other projects. 
  1. Memrise
  2. Duolingo
  3. Guitar
  4. The game - some progress - I really should give up idea of multiple levels...
  5. iOS Programming
  6. Getting Things Done



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