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Code Player - walkthrough tutorials

Many of us know projects such as jsfiddle where you can share your code, but those are for static code, of course you can fork that, but there is no easy way to see how it was done.

With you can easily see how code is done by looking at how someone created it from scratch. I don't know if it will be popular but if add to it voice (now users write comments in code to describe what they are doing) it would be much better than screencasts with code on video. Couple months ago I've tried to write exercises from WebGL tutorial and it was really easy to get lost. Video is not aware of code, you can't easily get code that is shown at current time in video and play with it. Of course most of the time it's all about writing it by myself but after 20minutes of searching for bug in code (WebGL dev tools are rather weak at this) you want to just move on and copy working code, generate diff and see what is wrong, and maybe this is not about code but about …

X-Type - ImpactJS Chrome Experiment

At Chrome Experiments there is new game written by Dominic Szablewski in ImpactJS Game Engine.

See it at:

Game itself is available at:

For those who want to read more about game itself see blog post on Phobos Lab blog:

Engine page can be found:

Sublime Text 2 Released

Sublime Text
Sublime Text 2 is released and is stable! I use this editor regularly from about 3 weeks and I am really happy. Switching from NetBeans, Exlipse and Komodo Edit was easy and finally I have fast editor.
I still use vim, but I wasn't able to make it my primary editor. Probably I wasn't trying hard enough, but hey, I like both Sublime and Vim :)

Read blog post to read more about it:

And go to Download page:

Sublime Text has awesome Trial option so You can use it as long as you want before buy. I have used earlier about a couple of days, but after I found Sublime Live Reload it was just obvious to buy

Wooga Pocket Island and Gladius 0.2

Wooga published new game Pocket Island on Github: play it at:

Blog post about it:

Another news is about Gladius, game engine from Mozilla. Engine is now in version 0.2. New version is mostly about improved API  and better modularity. Read more about at:

Visit Gladius page:

Skype 4 installation on Ubuntu 12.04

Yesterday I tried to install Skype, but I have already installed one from Software Center (Skype 2.0) and installation of DEB file faild due to:

(Reading database ... (Reading database ... 5% (Reading database ... 10% (Reading database ... 15% (Reading database ... 20% (Reading database ... 25% (Reading database ... 30% (Reading database ... 35% (Reading database ... 40% (Reading database ... 45% (Reading database ... 50% (Reading database ... 55% (Reading database ... 60% (Reading database ... 65% (Reading database ... 70% (Reading database ... 75% (Reading database ... 80% (Reading database ... 85% (Reading database ... 90% (Reading database ... 95% (Reading database ... 100% (Reading database ... 193346 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking skype (from .../skype-ubuntu_4.0.0.7-1_amd64.deb) ... dpkg: error processing /home/kris/Downloads/skype-ubuntu_4.0.0.7-1_amd64.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/etc/dbus-1/system.d/skype.conf', which is also in pack…

Readlists - easy books from websites

Recently I started using Readlists that is new service from Readability that makes easy to create books just from url. I've been using Instapaper, but as I like it, it only sends new articles to kindle and managing folders and sending them to kindle is time consuming.

Readlists works as it should and if you have kindle it will send new book for you. I love it!

Look at my creations: one is JavaScript GTK Tutorial:, second UXMyths: (sources in description).

Vimcasts Workshop in Krakow

For intermidiate Vim users:

Unfortunately I'm much more beginner in Vim, but maybe my readers will be interested?