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Many of us know projects such as jsfiddle where you can share your code, but those are for static code, of course you can fork that, but there is no easy way to see how it was done.

With you can easily see how code is done by looking at how someone created it from scratch. I don't know if it will be popular but if add to it voice (now users write comments in code to describe what they are doing) it would be much better than screencasts with code on video. Couple months ago I've tried to write exercises from WebGL tutorial and it was really easy to get lost. Video is not aware of code, you can't easily get code that is shown at current time in video and play with it. Of course most of the time it's all about writing it by myself but after 20minutes of searching for bug in code (WebGL dev tools are rather weak at this) you want to just move on and copy working code, generate diff and see what is wrong, and maybe this is not about code but about your GPU that is not so powerful as author of screencast ;)

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