Linux Mint 12

Yesterday I installed new Linux Mint with Gnome 3 user interface and Mint extensions.
For now it really feels like Gnome 2 UI. There are differences of course, but they really make Gnome Shell more friendly!

I have some problems, one of them is still not fixed, I even don't know how to search for a fix.

After creation of USB drive i have error after boot:
"vesamenu.c32: not a COM32R image"

1: hit TAB button
2: type "Live" in console

Then I find impossible to install Chrome in Linux Mint 12:

1: Install Chromium
2: Install Chrome

It looks like new Mint doesn't have something important that Chrome needs, fortunately Chromium installs it, and this is enough for me to now that now it just works :)

Last problem is probably caused by video drivers. I use two monitors, on Laptop and second attached to VGA port.
This is strange but after blocking screen I have problem with the screen in Laptop. It fills with gray noise and is unusable :/

It happened only two times, I try to restart Shell.

Ctrl+r, and then r should restart gnome-shell interface.  


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