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It's still work in progress but new posts will be published on Thanks to 11ty base blog RSS is working from the start so it should be easy to add to your reader if you still use any :) If now then I hope you can sign up to the newsletter where I'll be publishing new posts and interesting articles to it from time to time. Please use  from now on.


Recently I'm reading a lot less about tech and more about culture and have a bunch of things I can recommend:

  1. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
  2. Falling into Faith
  4. SJWJS
On my todo list:
  1. The Coddling of the American Mind
As you probably can guess my view changed in the last couple of years on a bunch of topics. I still consciously try to remain in the middle in the discussions on the topics like `women in tech` as I don't want to be associated with actions of the most devoted believers.
For example, GitHub's ElectronConf postponed because all the talks (selected through an unbiased, blind review process) were to be given by men. is far from How blind auditions help orchestras to eliminate gender bias.


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New blog domain:

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