Simplicity Talk from Meet.js Summit 2016

Video of my Meet.js Summit talk is finally online, so if you missed please let me know what you think about it.

I have learned a lot from feedback at the conference and I have heard some great comments that I feel  add a lot of value to my talk.

First, I really like the tweet by Mariusz Nowak. That's something that I haven't mention in the talk because I have assumed that people would do that before going for frameworks. Only when I've seen this tweet I've realized that it's not always the case and I should have emphasized that before moving to new tools and frameworks.

I have advised people to use Editors instead of IDEs but many people told me later that they don't want to miss on refactorings and all the ease of use they provide. To me that was the exact reason why I want to work without them. Later at the conference Michał Płachta he told me why he is using Atom editor himself instead of IDE. It's really easy to 'refactor' 30 places in your code without seeing them, and IDEs make it really easy but can you really know if your change fits nicely in those places? Is your refactoring improving one place you're looking at and making 29 others unreadable mess? If you use editor you have to go to every of those places and sometimes while doing that he realizes that his initial idea wasn't really good. I really like his example, thanks Michał!

All in all, it was great to be there and I want to thanks organizers for accepting my talk!

If you have any good feedback please let me know in the comments.


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