How to Learn when Life is Short

I haven't really think this through but I have read really interesting articles recently and I just wanted to write for myself later.

Life is Short by Paul Graham

It's just that, learn from people older that you what is most important, and that life actually is short...

Instead of Goals or Resolutions, Try Creating Rules by Leo Babuta

In the time of New Year Resolutions, it's good to read something that is proposing different way of achieving things. Still I see much more value in habits than setting goals. But...

The Easy Way To Learn Hard Stuff by Per Harald Borgen
It's something that I read from time to time and I know it works sometimes for me. The things I learn then are really learned and something Jakub Wasilewski  has told me many times to do. Still it's uncomfortable and for some reason, I have failed to use this method more than once or twice. Writing it here so maybe I can think about it more and figure out how to do that more often.

Towards an understanding of technical debt by Kellan Elliott-McCrea
The most interesting idea that the idea of technical debt is a wrong analogy to the programming.  The article hooked me at "Code choices that suck the will to live" as I'm really interested right now what it really means when you get that feeling. Is it really the code or maybe my confusion and lack of domain knowledge? It's somewhat connected to the first article "Life is Short".

That's it for now.
Please let me know if you have a view on any on them.


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