Book Review: Praktyczna improwizacja. Jak techniki improwizacji mogą usprawnić każdy aspekt Twojego życia by Michał Mącznik, Artur Król

Authors themselves described this book as translated to Polish and more focused on practice version of Impro by Keith Johnstone. I do not think there is much worth in reviewing it beside simple rating, so I will try to make this post more about improvisation so that you can pick a book in your favourite language.

Most important three things from the book about impro are: Taking Offers, Not Blocking and Being Aware of Status.

Taking Offers - Like in "Yes Man", taking offers sacrifices safety of habits and everyday life for a chance of more exciting things to do.

Not Blocking - Connected to the first one, but more about noticing many ways in which we are blocking offers, like joking - those are not so obvious to notice but still are 'blocks'.

Status - Status Games and Status started to be something that I am fascinates me. It explains so many of my irrational behaviours...

Of course I missed most of the book as I do not really practiced much. Still book is worth read, short and if you have group interested in impro then you can use exercises from the book in a group.

Rating: 7.5/10


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