Book Review: The Corporation by Joel Bakan

Book by Joel Bakan is on the list of Bret Victor recommended books so some time ago I put it on my read later list. My colleague bought one recently so I was eager to borrow it.

I think that book could be better, especially shorter as chapters 3 and 4 were not so great. Fortunately I think that I learned a lot about history of corporations. Now I know how they are financed and how they work.

The book is a couple of years old so it is interesting to see how corporations evolved from that time. A couple of months ago I have read interesting article about Tim Cook plans for Apple Back then I had no idea what that meant. Now I have much bigger context to think about it, I would say that alone makes up for the small flaws of the book.

Must read for everyone working for any kind of corporation.

Rating: 7/10


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