Book Review: Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript by Billy Lamberta and Keith Peters

When I first asked about it on gamedev.js group. Michal Budzynski was discouraging me from this book, especially because of code quality but added that there are some good theoretical things to read about. I was brave enough to decide to ignore code quality all the time and only look at animation and theoretical ideas in the code.

It took me a couple of months to start reading it, then a couple of months to digest it. Sometimes it was really much more about Math than JavaScript.

My edition has many bugs in code samples so it was fortunate all examples are live on github pages: You can find even some extras :)

After reading this book I can't say I'm right now animator, or that I know 3D. For sure it helped me think about many animation related topics. I found myself using things like easing from time to time in places I wouldn't think of before.

For me it was really good reading. I know more about animations, examples in JavaScript are much easier for me to understand than in any other language.

Rating: 8/10   (it could be 9 or even 10 if my edition was better and code was a little bit better structured).


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