Gamedev.js Krakow 3D and Upcoming Meet.js Kraków

Next week is going to be great but small event about 3D thanks to Gabriel Habryn who is going to tell us more about his engine/game in 3D. I'm really looking forward to that :)

Event will take place in Schibsted Tech Polska, you can read more in Polish on event page:

If you're going please remember to ask for me at reception, not for Gabriel ;)

We started looking for speakers for a upcoming Meet.js in Krakow. If you want to see our last event look here:

Next Meet.js Kraków is going to be in March so there is plenty of time to prepare. We can help you with preparations so just let us know if you want to say something :) Everything form JS and Front-End is ok and we are really open to hearing about interesting things even outside of this field, so just let us know your idea. 

So where is call4papers really? You can write to me, at krzychukula with gmail domain, or even just put comment on meetjs page on facebook or just put comment here :) 

Whatever you choose is fine with us :)


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