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HabitRPG - Game your life

Some time ago I have read interesting article about becoming superhero that suggested to treat your own life like character in RPG game, or superhero (it similar idea for me). I really like RPG games so this ideas was really inspiring, unfortunately I found it hard to follow and remember about it on an everyday basis. Solution for that can be really nice website called HabitRPG

HabitRPG Promo & Team from Tyler Renelle on Vimeo.

Project is still growing but the most important thing is working from some time now, I mean Daily Quests!

I would suggest to pick this one as the most important tab and create your daily quests really simple and easy to do and then add additional one to habit when you do more of it. For me it really works. I based this on Kaizen and it tricks me into doing bigger things just by forcing me to start it. Bigger tasks are overwhelming before you start doing them so adding daily that forces you to do it for only for example 5 minutes is easy to approach and just do it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you may decide if it's enough for today or maybe you want to spent some more time into it...

There is another good tip that I can suggest you. Give yourself free time to procrastinate. Admit to yourself that you were wasting a lot of time and just start slowly. For me these are for example tv series or fantasy books. Working all the time is just impossible for me and from time to time I need to recharge. For example for me Sunday is day off for everything else than my chores, daily tasks, technical books etc. I steal this idea from Scott Young and his MIT challenge. If he thinks that free time to prevent burnout is important and we are talking about guy who finished 4 year curriculum in one year then it's good for you too! The idea when to have this free time is up to you, just experiment and see what works for you. For example I'm still not sure if Sunday is best idea, it may change if I would feel burnout.

If you create account and feel the game is too simple just gain more experience to unlock armor, pets or class system ;) There is much in this app that you can enjoy at higher levels :)

One final technical tip: It's better for now not to use todos in the app (or to remember about clearing completed ones) while this bug is not resolved.

From some time and telling my friend about habitrpg but procratinated about writing about it, finally this challange helped me with this :)


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