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July Update - SICP, The Modern Web, Functional JavaScript

This will be short update!

Books that I will talk about on today's ReadingClub:

Really good and hard book. Right now I stumble upon many ideas that I read in SICP in very different places :)  Most of it is around Functional Programming and Clojure but still.

The Modern Web by Peter Gasston
Really good book about newest API's. It's still fresh so it's worth to read it! 

Awesome book! It's great to see how I've been fooled :)

Being Geek by Michel Loop
I was disappointed by this one. It's mostly about geek being team leader or manager. I'm not so much interested in it. 

Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus
I have really high expectations about this book but unfortunately I feel that I miss something in it. Probably context of me and author are too different. One of the ideas in book started to make sense to me while learning more about Clojure. I think that I will spent some time with Clojure to know more about Functional Programming in general.

Memrise: Advanced Vocabulary (3/19 levels)
Really slow speed of mine... At least I have read more books this month ;)

Next Month:

  1. js13kgames - Write a game!
  2. You Are Now Less Dumb by David MacRaney
  3. Clojure - Functional Programming for the JVM
  4. Memrise: Advanced Vocabulary
  5. Go back to martial arts trainings
  6. TODO: Buy and read book about canvas/html5 games


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