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June Update - Kaizen & Time Warrior

Last wednesday group of 7 people (progres! :) meet and talked about book and I found it really fun to organize it. 
Unfortunately One book that I wanted to read last month was to big for me (SICP). Right now I'm at about 60% of it...   About 50% I have decided to read something lighter and make small break. For that I have started One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way

Filozofia Kaizen: This if Polish translation of this short book and I found it really fun and easy to read. I like how agile (even agilemanifesto) it is. I have read for those small little ideas in this book. I'm still thinking how practical it is in the long term without help of coach/friend that would help you decide what you want to do and when to change this one small thing to something slightly bigger.
Takeout: Try revolutionary changes in life but if failed go to Kaizen (or start with it) and build habit fixing you life one small/silly problem at a time!

Time Warrior by Steve Chandler. This one is hard to rate. There are good advices and ideas, I can admit that but they are mixed with some author beliefs, stories that are not really connected and sometimes you realize that this is just truisms (everyone knows it) and it's easy to feel ok with both points of view but this doesn't make them real or working!
Takeaways: Decision changes everything! Procrastination is lack of decision. Just decide what you want to do, example with plane to New York in 2 hours is really good. After you make decision the only thing thats left is to deal with it :)

Advanced English on Memrise. I have finished it (learned one round) but right now I need to deal with refreshing my knowledge and that means about 100 words each day. 
Course itself is not so good. Many polish descriptions are to generic and hard to distinguish. There is no audio for english words so I only know how to write them. Besides that it's 400+ new words for me and course is still getting bigger. 

SICP: As I mentioned above its 60% of book now so I will make my priority to read it till the end this month!


  1. Wedding
  2. SICP
  3. Water courses on Memrise
NO Martial arts till end of month :(

I'm right now trying to build a habit at getting up at 5:xx AM and exercise every day. Most of the time works really good :) It's much easier to start a day with exercise than do something at the evening :)

I'm not going to write any more plans for this month. I would have enough work to know that there is no point in that. 
See you next month :)


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