Effective JavaScript - Reading List Update

Effective JavaScript by David Herman is really good book about JavaScript and I can recommend it to any JS developer. Especially for intermediate ones but even advanced ones will find something interesting.
Chapters are really short and concise. Good code examples really help with explaining advanced JavaScript and I can tell that this is one of the best JS book I've read.
Book is pretty short: 200 pages but you can learn a lot! I don't want to write about what's there to let you discover it for yourself.

From last month:

  1. Hexagonal Architecture for SCKRK Meeting
  2. Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton (sci-fi)
  3. Effective JS by David Herman
  4. Make: Electronics. Learning Through Discovery By Charles Platt (I will finish first chapter in february)

Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton
Fallen Dragon is pretty good book that managed to surprise me a couple of times. I won't call it must-read but good reading is still good reading ;) Vision of future is plausible and realistic in my opinion. I wan't agree with everything but some of ideas were really good and new to me. 

This month I want to read:

  1. The Book of CSS3 by Peter Gasston
  2. Make: Electronics. Learning Through Discovery By Charles Platt (2nd chapter)

Less books because I want to spent more time on:
  1. HTML5 Game Development course on udacity.com
  2. Shell-Fu course on Memrise

Unfortunately I'm not sure if I manage to spend much time on them. I have many other responsibilities lately.

I will gave one talk and participate in another. Also I will help on whole day labs at AGH university so I have a lot of thing to prepare to. And this all till the end of month :)


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