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Reading Update

From my last post:


  1. SMACSS by Jonathan Snook
  2. Czytaj dwa razy szybciej! by Marcin Matuszewski (how to read faster)
  3. JavaScript Allongé by Reginald Braithwaite
  4. The Programmers Stone readlist from blog:

Now I'm reading:

  1. Hexagonal Architecture for SCKRK Meeting
  2. Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton (sci-fi)
Next on my list:
  1. Effective JS by David Herman
  2. Make: Electronics. Learning Through Discovery By Charles Platt (I will finish first chapter in february)


Really good book about CSS, architecture of CSS in small to really big projects/websites. How to deal with duplication - especially how to avoid it. There is even a chapter about Preprocessors and I can strongly agree that this is tool that can help you but only if you are conscious about how it works and how CSS it generates looks like.

JavaScript Allongé

Book that explains Functional programming with JavaScript. I found many functional and combinatorial ideas there (Y combinator). Book is not ready yet in my opinion still worth reading (but you may want to wait a little bit to get more content). I really can recommend this book.

The Programmers Stone

I have started it as something to read in the tram before I could borrow Effective JavaScript. First articles were strange and I was thinking about abandoning it, but in the end it was worth to read till the end. Especially last article was impressive with explanation of where the ideas they have came from. It was really surprising to see something about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin surname (I've read about him in Hyperion Sci-Fi book). In the end it was worth reading.   


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I am mindful that it took me a really long time to finish it (since last autumn). For a couple of months this year I didn't even have the internet to learn it, so it could not be helped. But last half of the June I've spent watching the videos every day and managed to finish it before any new internet problems.

So how was it?
In my opinion, it's great if you're starting out. There are a lot of basics, and seeing how to do things in XCode just makes your learning much easier than looking at the photos in the book. On the other hand, learning is more shallow and it is much easier to just follow the videos and learn only the basics without bigger picture about iOS SDK. I somehow missed more challenging exercises (even though I don't like to do them ;)

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