WebSummary - DOM vs Canvas - 18 November 2012

Short version of my links from twitter from last week. I hope you will enjoy them :)

DOM Sprites: a Viable Alternative to Canvas

Is canvas tag that much superior than plain old DOM? In many cases not. There is nice talk from onGameStart 2012 about it in context of crappy android phones and tablets. http://vimeo.com/53452613 - "Making games for kids on the mobile web" by Jon Howard

Stop Using Native HTML5!

JavaScript APIs you’ve never heard of (and some you have) http://www.nczonline.net/blog/2012/11/13/javascript-apis-youve-never-heard-of

Helpful Tips: The Difference Between Good And Bad Job Requirements

If you have problem with finding good developer, or any developer maybe your job requirements are bad. I see this also in Poland. Those text can be translated 1-1 to Polish and you will get most common job requirements.

Misc: Post in Polish about finding job as front-end developer in Poland: 


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