Vim for JavaScript

On reddit there is interesting movement to create list of all Vim command that are especially useful for JavaScript development.

I do not copy this list, just see it at reddit:

Some of them are new to me and I will try to use them like:

  • gf - open file whose name is under the cursor
  • :3 - go to line by number
  • yy, p - yy copy current line, p - pastes it below
  • :vsp file - open file in vertical new window
  • Ctrl-ww - switch between windows
  • <Ctrl-v><number>jI#<ESC>- comments lines (inserts #), number - of lines (arrows doesn't work for me, but you can insert many number of numbers eg. <5><2> = 7), then j nad UPPERCASE i, last text to insert.
  • <ctrl-v><number>jx - deletes column - undo comment
  • gg=G - format entire buffer (gg - beginning of file, = - auto indent, G - end of file)


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