Book Review: NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook

NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook by Rhawi Dantas is book for developers who want to start using NetBeans. Book can be both for students and those more experienced but not familiar with NetBeans.
Most chapters are specific to Java, but there are couple more language agnostic, like using version control systems. I read this book from beginning to end, but this book was created to user when needed. I want to create JavaEE project, check out index, find chapter about it, read while creating and done!

Tips for other readers:
  • Do not read chapter about JavaFX - this is about 1.3 version, even Oracle created version 2.0 for Java. 
  • Creating JavaME application is supported only on Windows.
  • Feel free to start reading wherever You want. 
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I like in this book being simple, with real life examples. There is plenty of examples of creating projects, that are best for newcomers, but I have done this :) For more advanced developers chapters about refactoring, JMeter, profiling and unit tests should be more interesting. Of course there are examples from low level, so even students should be able to use it. NetBeans itself is user friendly IDE, so with this book in hand in short time You will be able to use it more efficiently. I do not recommend book for NetBeans hackers, power-users or persons who use it everyday from more than a couple of months. You probably know most of this book.
Rating is low because there are many errors in book, like typos. Differences between images and description. Chapter about JavaFX is waste of time and paper. 
But don't get me wrong, for person that want to start using NetBeans for Java, and maybe learning Java this book can be really helpful. 
While keeping in mind target of book I can recommend it. Book is designed to help with simple tasks. Most of the time user is guided from the beginning to the end.

I rate it 6/10, and why only 6?
Chapter 6 should not be in book about NetBeans 7! Author write that for this chapter You need NetBeans 6.9 because Sun/Oracle decided to remove it from version 7. It was interesting technology, but now this is officially dead.

I will change rating of Node Web Development Book, because in comparison it was much better. 


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