PhiloGL - new WebGL framework.

Awesome WebGL examples at PhiloGL page:
PhiloGL is a new framework for WebGL.

Since WebGL is active on default in Chrome I am starting to think that OpenGL really now have a opportunity to live and be popular (as WebGL).

Po polsku:

PS. Yesterday I read 39 pages of git immersion, after it I know why git is much better in command line than svn (ok speed and worklow are great, but everyone knows that! I known about it even before reading git immersion). And the most impressive was that all 39 pages uses commit to local repository, but this is like commiting to my work copy. I have svn but doesn't have to create local repositories directory to commit to!
I think that git make it not even easy but trivial to work with source control with every files that can change. (assuming work with local repository)


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